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July 27, 2009
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GL: Kyle Rayner Sketch by rob-T512 GL: Kyle Rayner Sketch by rob-T512
Kyle Rayner was a gifted artist who worked in the art department of the Daily Planet. He aspired to become a comic book artist with no success. He was friends with Jimmy Olsen and recovered Jimmy's camera when it was taken from him with a demonstration of athletic skills. When Abin Sur crashed on Earth while fleeing Sinestro, he was mortally wounded. Abin sent his Power Ring to find his successor. The ring chose Kyle. Sinestro pursued Kyle to take the inexperienced Green Lantern's ring and Power Battery. Superman kept Sinestro occupied long enough for Kyle to figure out how to use the Power Ring. Kyle then battled and defeated Sinestro. Some time later, John Stewart sent Kyle to Oa to be trained by Katma Tui. When the android AMAZO was detected on a collision course with Oa, Kyle lead the defence alongside several other Lanterns. The defence failed and Oa appeared to have been annihilated. Kyle along with the surviving Green Lanterns tracked it to Earth where they intended to use all the remaining charge left in their Power Rings in one powerful blast and destroy the android and probably half the planet with it. However, when they confronted AMAZO in Lex Luthor's bunker he revealed that he had simply moved Oa to another dimension to get it out of his way. After he agreed to move it back, the Lanterns withdrew and allowed the android to go with Doctor Fate. Kyle Rayner joined the Justice League following the Thanagarian invasion of earth, but is a part-timer due to his commitment in the Green Lantern Core. Well, as always, ENJOY:D

Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner is (c) of DC Comics.
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RoccoBertucci Jul 31, 2009  Student General Artist
God, you managed to draw like every single one of my favorite comic characters.. Considering they are all quite obscure, that is quite an accomplishment. Love the DC animates style!
Thanks so much for all the :+fav:'s as well as the watch:D
omg!! green lantern!! :D
yes, I know, I still have to sketch GL: Hal Jordan btw:D
Wow:wow: pretty bad ass to me man. Kyle is an awesome Lantern i always say and you've managed to capture his looks so successfully..i applaud :clap:
Thanks I he was always my favorite Green Lantern so I spent a while on this sketch just to make sure it came out just right:D
Hejin57 Jul 28, 2009
Kyle Rayner was always my favirote Green Lantern, Awesome work, and I'm guessing you already picked up the animated movie? :D
Yes, I loved the episode of Superman The Animated Series that was devoted to the origin of Kyle Rayner and his first battle with Sinestro, he is quite awesome. You know I did Kareem, Best Buy had a gift set thing that had a Hal Jordan toy come with the Blue-Ray of Green Lantern: First Flight in a gift set, sooo worth it:D
marizella Jul 28, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
wow. i knew there was more than one GL, i had no idea they had a whole origination. wow. learned something new today. i think...?
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